The Maple Leaf Foundation - Since 1982
Welcome to the Maple Leaf Foundation home page
Welcome to the Maple Leaf Foundation (MLF) home page. Started in 1982 by Bobby Orr and Kenneth R. Rossano, the MLF is a not-for-profit organization, dedicated to the advancement of  a greater understanding by the next generation—Canadian and American high school and college students—of each other’s country and the relationships that bind the two countries.  We accomplish this through the annual MLF student exchange and various scholarship programs. The student exchange matches a U.S. based, inner city, public high school, with a counter-part high school in Canada. The scholarships enable Canadian students to spend a semester in a U.S. based university and an American student to do the same in Canada. For almost 30 years, since its inception, hundreds of students have benefited from this once in a lifetime experience.


After 28 years of success with an annual black-tie ball, the MLF has determined that it is time to revamp its annual fundraising event in order to ensure its success well into the future.  In this connection, the MLF has determined not to go forward with the 2013 Maple Leaf Ball and is planning to launch a new approach in 2014.  Stay tuned! 

For more information, please contact Margaret Cohen at 617-725-5257 or email:   
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